shaha premium flask

We blend high quality with modernity and originality.


We Provide customer needs and everything that will facilitate the drinking process. With the Shaha Premium Flask, you are certain to find a product that perfectly fits your lifestyle with superior performance.

Our Mission

The mission of Shaha is to offer to the customers the best products that suit their modern lifestyle, these products are presented in a professional manner and high quality materiel to grantee our customer satisfaction as it all we aim for.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the first chose people make when considering flasks and drink ware. Choose it and use it to enhance your home with luxury and originality.


I like it so much. It's simple very good and usefull . Quality is very good and easy to use . It comes with a cover and has two lid one stainless steel cap then one simple lid .

A very nice and sturdy flask that does its job exceptionally well. After using for more than 9 months, I'd say the product is really good and I'm confident it will continue as is. 

Very useful for cold / hot liquid. For a long time you can keep liquid hot. Easy to handle and clean. Light weight for easy to carry.

|   Created by  MM1 Team